Jessica's sense of enlightenment was evident at a young age. Driven by a force that can best be described as a Calling - Jessica eventually sought a spiritual path - dedicating her energies to helping both animals and people through alternative forms of healing.

Prior to The Holistic Being coming to light as a full-time commitment - Jessica worked in various professions which assisted in laying a desirable foundation which to build her spiritual journey upon.  Her time as a Veterinary Technician at Tufts- Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, as the Director of a multi-million dollar Sport Horse Breeding & Training Facility along with her years of working as a registered North American Riding For The Handicap Instructor - each influenced to some degree, her desire to learn more about holistic modalities.

A native of New England - Jessica's spiritual journey has taken her all over the United States and throughout Europe.  In 2005 she found herself settling in the tropical island of Puerto Rico.  She currently resides on the border of the El Yunque Rain Forest with her Australian Shepherds and two "Satos" (Puerto Rico Feral Dog).

Jessica embraces the Now and seeks the future with enthusiasm - yearning for more personal growth and knowledge. She is certain that more travel is in her future and is eager to share all that she learns with the animals and people which she is blessed to work with.


2008 was one of the most incredible years of my life.  My Giant Schnauzer "Spirit" and I traveled all over the States competing in AKC Dog Shows and achieving the title of Number 1 AKC All-Breed Dog in the country.  This was not only exciting but very hard for the both of us.  We could never have done it without the help and healing of Jessica Westleigh.  Not only did she keep me on the right spiritual track, she was in constant contact with Spirit.  Even though Spirit was born a show dog, she needed fine tuning all the time.  I could sense things that would upset her and Jess would help me work through them.  The team effort that Jess produced was amazing and will always be a gift that I will remember.  She has helped with the next dog that I am showing as well and I will keep in close contact from now on for any forks in the road that come up.

Bless you Jess!

Taffe McFadden & Champion Galilee's Pure of Spirit ... the top winning Giant Schnauzer of all time.
"Fear knocked at the door and faith answered.  No one was there."  - Old English Proverb