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Animal Communication Explained

Animal Communication is an intuitive and telepathic connection between humans and animals that is not limited by space or time.  It is a natural and effective tool to help people connect with their animals on a deeper level where information can be shared and gathered to help in all aspects of the animals’ well-being while providing valuable feedback for the guardian.


How Animal Communication Can Help

  • Relay thoughts, feelings and questions for both the animal and guardian

  • Enhance effective communication between animal and guardian

  • Gain insight into an animals’ behavior, temperament, fears, phobias, likes and dislikes

  • Evaluate an animals' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

  • Increase bond and working relationship for handlers/trainers and their animals

  • Assist with breeding, whelping, and rearing

  • Help with pack dynamics within a home

  • Notification of upcoming major events; moving, surgery, new family member 

  • Assist breeders in puppy placement

  • Support before, during and after transition from their physical vessel

  • and more …


What Happens During an Animal Communication Session

Animal Communication sessions are done from a meditative state.  Using the information you provide – Jessica connects telepathically with your animal.  During a session she may receive thoughts, words, images, feelings, sensations, sounds, and more from your animal.  She may also counsel the animal and help the animal(s) to work through any issues.  If there are physical, mental, emotional, behavioral or other health concerns the Communication & Energy Healing session may be recommended.  Following a session, Jessica translates her work into a narrative report that is sent to you via email or can be shared in a phone consult.  All sessions and information are confidential.


What is included in an Animal Communication Session

Each communication session includes a body scan and up to six thoughts/questions/concerns to be discussed, or up to 3 per animal in a Group Session.  Jessica may also make recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and holistic remedies.  Communication & Energy Healing sessions also include a through cleansing and healing of the animal’s spiritual, physical and emotional being.


Scheduling an Appointment

Contact Jessica at to schedule.  She will reply with a questionnaire for you to fill out prior to the session.  Along with the questionnaire, she will need current photos of your animal, and ideally a photo of you with your animal.


About Guarantees

Because all animals have free will, Jessica cannot guaranteed that by communicating with your animal that he/she will start/stop a particular behavior.  Jessica is very skilled in her practice and though she typically has excellent results, a guarantee is still not possible.  She will do her very best to accomplish what you request.


I have been using Jess as a animal communicator for just over three years now. I first contacted her to communicate with my mare, Friday. I now have her regularly communicate with all my animals but primarily my horse. Friday is a difficult, misunderstood mare with a lot of heart. Using Jess as a communicator has bridged that gap between us and we honestly feel like one. I know the relationship between my horse and myself has strengthened thanks to Jess. Jess has given suggestions and recommendations that I would not have thought of without her assistance. I find it beneficial that she can communicate with my horse of upcoming changes, what we'll be working on in training or of upcoming shows. The training part, I have found, to be most beneficial. It has given insight to not only what I need my horse to do, but what my horse needs me to do! It helps that Jess really understands horses and the challenges horses can bring. My mare and I are both thankful that we learnt of Jess and her services. I know she has brought many positive changes into our lives and I always look forward to working with her.

Brigitte Czerwinski

& Friday