Extra! Extra! THB has a new regular column in the Australian Shepherd Journal!

I am so excited to be sharing this news with all of you! As this blog post goes live the March/April issue of the Australian Shepherd Journal will be reaching its subscribers via snail mail, and that means my first article as the Alternative Modalities Editor is available for your reading pleasure! The Journal is the award-winning official Breed Magazine of the United States Australian Shepherd Association, Inc., and is published bi-monthly. You can learn more about USASA and the Journal here. Enjoy! Jess (Checkout the first article by clicking on the photo)

Homeopathic Remedies: Preparation & Administration for Animals & Yourself

If you’ve worked with me before you may have 5,392 sets of instructions sitting in your “Jess Suggests” folder. I thought it could be helpful to have an updated resource available that you can refer to any time you need it. And if you’d like to learn more about how to use homeopathy for common maladies, be sure to check out my article “The Nuts & Bolts of Homeopathy for Dogs” (March/April issue of the Australian Shepherd Journal). Jump on over to the THB in Print page, you’ll find it here. Be well! Jess How to Prepare a Homeopathic Remedy Add 4oz of distilled or spring water to a sterilized glass jar with a tight cover. You can sterilize the jar and cover by boiling for 15 minutes. Always a

THB Homeopathic Protocol for the Rabies Vaccine

I have a pit in my stomach just writing that title. I know the rabies vaccine is the one vaccine that is regulated by State law at this time, and I also know it is one of those things that inspires us to be rebels. I won’t get into the dangers of the rabies vaccine in this short post (I’ll save that fight for another day), but what I will do is share with you a protocol that has been working for my pets since 2006 to minimize both acute and chronic adverse reactions due to the rabies vaccine. Whether you whole-heartedly agree with the unrelenting rabies law as it is outlined, or you are following suit because it’s the only way to attend your local agility class or cross state lines for a ho

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