Energy Healing for Animals

The Seven Chakras of a Dog

Energy Healing Explained

Energy Healing is a form of alternative therapy that is non-denominational and can be highly effective in treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns.  As an energy based healer, Jessica channels energy from numerous sources that she uses to provide “whole body and spirit healing”.  Her work is a combination of various energy based healing techniques that she has drawn from to develop her own unique system for healing.


In her work she focuses on removing blockages from the energetic body (aura, chakras, meridians, channels) and then filling that void with positive healing energy.  By igniting those natural healing abilities that each being is equipped with, and removing all blockages – we can promote a balanced being that is capable of self-healing.  Blockages can derive from physical health issues, unwanted memories, negative emotions, trauma, vaccine damage, illness, surgery and more.  A body in balance and without blockage has an impressive ability to self-heal.


Jessica’s work is done remotely and from a meditative state.


How Energy Healing can help your animal

  • Promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

  • Aid in being the best version of themselves as a companion, show or performance animal

  • Healing on all levels due to trauma, illness, stress, abuse, genetics & vaccine damage

  • Increase self-confidence, independence, and inner peace

  • Relief from chronic dis-ease

  • Support in recovery from anesthesia & surgery

  • Preparation for mating, conception, whelping & rearing

  • Deep emotional healing regardless of cause

  • and more …

What happens during an Energy Healing session for your animal

Jessica’s performs Energy Healing sessions through a meditative state.  She uses animal communication, visualization, energy transfer, and a process she refers to as “universal downloading” to provide healing for animals.  Following a session, she translates her work into a narrative report that is sent to you via email or shared over the telephone. All sessions and information gathered is confidential.

She will prepare an altar using various crystals, gemstones, candles, sage, totems and other items that provide energy and guidance for her work.  She then connects with the animal through intuition and telepathy.  She approaches each session as a unique individualized healing process for the animal. Jessica then manifests her visualization by being in spirit with the animal in another plane which is achieved through meditation.  This is a place of healing that is not limited by time or space, and where universal energy can be channeled; and true health of mind, body and spirit can be restored.

Jessica uses a variety of healing techniques in her work.  She tailors each session to the animals’ specific needs.  For example, she may perform an aura and chakra cleansing, healing, and restoration.  She will often use distant Emotional Freedom Technique and meridian work.  She applies channeling, streaming, cleansing, clearing and direct healing.

The use of visualization is highly effective – especially when there is a need to “show” an animal an important message, or to “teach” them what you are asking of them in terms of behavior or performance.  When these images bring suppressions or other emotional blockages to the surface, Jessica then returns to emotional healing – thus providing a “total healing experience”.

One of Jessica’s most loved strategies is helping an animal learn to “live from their castle”.  She refers to the place where our soul resides as their “castle”.  By helping an animal achieve that place of enlightenment, connection and grounding – beautiful things transpire.  The castle is where the animal “goes” to heal, reconnect, heal from their fears, the past, and phobias.  It is a place where they can release all suppressions.  Finding, healing and living from their castle is an empowering healing act for all animals.

Jessica’s work is non-denominational.  She is inspired by many cultural belief systems and places her faith in “all that is good and positive”. You may find her invoking the archangels, praying to the universe, requesting the guidance of the ascended masters or tapping into healing energies in the far corners of the world.  Her work is gentle, positive, effective and derived from a place of love and the knowledge that we are all connected through a universal grid which allows all animals to receive the knowledge, power, wisdom, inner peace, and healing that the universe can provide.


How to schedule an appointment


After reviewing the Appointments page, please contact Jessica at to schedule a session. 

We have believed in and used Animal Communicators for several years with our involvement in the sport of dogs. Fairly recently in one of our Whole Dog Journals there was an article about Animal Communicators and mentioned in the article was a piece on Jessica in Puerto Rico. It mentioned in the article that she was a breeder herself which of course peeked our interest. We went to her website and that in of itself was a unique experience. One of our bitches was having some issues in the show ring, so we decided to try her. Jessica’s insight and ability to translate from the animal to the human sent us into a whole new realm with our animals! We now use her for our puppies, our breeding bitches, our stud dogs and our show dogs. We had a young stud whom we weren’t quite sure knew what he was doing when it came to breeding so we decided to do an emergency session with Jessica. This boy did his best to convince her he did know what he was doing, we were a little less trusting of him than Jessica and shame on us! - he knew exactly what he was doing! 6 beautiful puppies later, Jessica has brought a whole new piece to the puzzle for us in the sport of dogs! Thank you Jess!

Katherine Dillon, Chenoa Bichon Frise &
Lisa Des Camps, Allure Bichon Frise