Energy Healing & Spiritual Mentoring

Energy Healing & Spiritual Mentoring Explained
Energy Healing is a form of alternative therapy that is non-denominational and can be highly effective in treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns.  As a healer, Jessica channels energy from numerous sources that she uses to provide “whole body and spirit healing”.  Her work is a combination of various alternative energy based healing techniques that she has drawn from to develop her own unique system for healing.  In her work she focuses on removing blockages from the energetic body (aura, chakras, meridians, channels) and then filling that void with positive healing energy.  By igniting those natural healing abilities each being is equipped with, and removing all obstacles – we can promote a balanced being that is capable of self-healing. Blockages can derive from physical health issues, unwanted memories, negative emotions, trauma, vaccine damage, illness, surgery and more.  A body in balance and without blockage has an impressive ability to self-heal.

Jessica specializes in helping people live a spiritual life in this modern world. Spiritual Mentoring is not about religion.  Religious beliefs are very personal.  It would be unethical for Jessica to preach or try to convert you to a specific religion or spiritual belief.  She works with your own beliefs, encouraging you to expand your understanding, and to apply that knowledge and faith to your own decision-making and actions.  Based on your own specific goals, Jessica will personalize a mentoring program that will be applied during your session.

Jessica will give you “homework” and make suggestions which could be anything from book recommendations to holistic remedies and everything in between.  You will gain so much knowledge and wisdom that your spiritual tool box will be overflowing!  Below is her approach – she will help you every step of the way:

"You must have the desire to heal, grow, and evolve into the very best version of yourself. We have to want it for ourselves. We have to believe we are worthy of being loved, happy, successful, peaceful, and inspired.


Develop awareness by questioning your thoughts, emotions and perceptions.


Explore the gifts and talents that are within you. Share those gifts and talents with the world to create a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life.


Cultivate a spiritual practice. Anything that raises our higher vibrations (love, happiness, joy, inspiration, peace) - is a spiritual practice.


Allow. We become an open channel for the universe when we give up all the things that are no longer serving us; negative thoughts, emotions (anger, greed, hate, resentment etc.), perceptions, and actions.  When we create space within by giving up what no longer serves us - we allow the universe to fill that void with guidance, love, wisdom, and peace.


Be grateful and give thanks. Whether it is to God, the universe, the angels, nature - give thanks, express gratitude and count your blessings every single day."

~ Jess

How Energy Healing can help you

  • Promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being

  • Learn to live in the Now, being present

  • Find purpose and meaning in your life by understanding your gifts & talents

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Spiritual growth

  • Healing on all levels due to trauma, illness, stress, loss, & abuse

  • Break cycles that no longer serve you

  • Increase self-confidence, independence, and inner peace

  • Deep emotional healing regardless of cause

  • and more …

What happens during an Energy Healing & Spiritual Mentoring session

Jessica performs your session through a meditative state.  She uses her intuitive skills, visualization, energy transfer, and a process she refers to as “universal downloading” to provide healing for people.  For the first session it is required that you are either meditating, sleeping, resting, or doing something peaceful.  For subsequent sessions this is not required, but for those who have difficulty creating “me time” – it is recommended.  Following a session, she translates her work into a narrative report that is sent to you via email or may be discussed over the phone.  All sessions and information gathered is confidential.

Jessica will prepare an altar using various crystals, gemstones, candles, sage, totems and other items that provide energy and guidance for her work.  She then connects with your spirit being through meditation.  This is a place of healing that is not limited by time or space, and where universal energy can be channeled; and true health of mind, body and spirit can be restored.

Jessica uses a variety of healing techniques in her work.  She tailors each session to your specific needs.  For example, she may perform an aura and chakra cleansing, healing, and restoration.  She will often use distant Emotional Freedom Technique and meridian work.  She applies channeling, streaming, cleansing, clearing and direct healing.

The use of visualization and spirit-to-spirit counseling is highly effective to help the messages “go deep”.  While applying various healing techniques she plants seeds of guidance and wisdom within your subconscious which are awakened when you read your report of the session.  Because of free will, you can then embrace or reject the messages.

One of Jessica’s most loved strategies is helping you learn to “live from your castle”.  She refers to the place where our soul resides as your “castle”.  By helping you achieve that place of enlightenment, connection and grounding – beautiful things transpire.  When you live from your castle you are able to tap into your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is your soul that is connected to the universe.  The castle is where you “go” to heal, reconnect, create inspiration, and more.  It is a place where you can release all suppressions.  Finding, healing, and living from your castle is an empowering healing act for all.

Scheduling an appointment
After reviewing the Appointments page, please contact Jessica to schedule

I must admit that, when I first met Jessica, I was both struck by her spirituality and beauty and confounded by the fact that this very remarkable woman was dedicating her life to a practice which, well, frankly, I did not believe would make much of a difference. But, after facing frustration with the limited results counselors provided during very difficult family times, I decided to turn to Jessica more than anything as a last resort.

Well, was I in for a surprise! Jessica touched our lives in ways no other person has. She has been instrumental in the wellbeing of my family and is since the go-to-person in case of need. She demonstrated an unparalleled capacity to guide us to our spiritual healing both individually and collectively. Jessica was able to effectively identify those issues and beliefs that lied within our very core which bound us to unhealthy habitual patterns and suffering. She assisted us in reinterpreting these beliefs and unleashing the love our hearts yearned to express, in amazingly very little time. To top it all, she sowed seeds which germinated long after her work was done, motivating further progress and healing. Our lives have definitively changed for the good since. Jess, we are eternally grateful for your help and for the great source of inspiration, love and respect you are!

Gretchen Mendez, PR