THB Homeopathic Protocol for the Rabies Vaccine

I have a pit in my stomach just writing that title.

I know the rabies vaccine is the one vaccine that is regulated by State law at this time, and I also know it is one of those things that inspires us to be rebels. I won’t get into the dangers of the rabies vaccine in this short post (I’ll save that fight for another day), but what I will do is share with you a protocol that has been working for my pets since 2006 to minimize both acute and chronic adverse reactions due to the rabies vaccine.

Whether you whole-heartedly agree with the unrelenting rabies law as it is outlined, or you are following suit because it’s the only way to attend your local agility class or cross state lines for a horse show - please consider this homeopathic protocol which will hopefully eliminate or at least lessen the adverse reactions your four-legged best friend could potentially face.

For information on remedy preparation and administration please visit my blog post Homeopathic Remedies: Preparation & Administration for Animals & Yourself.

I hope you find this helpful.

Be well,


  • Thuja 30c the night before

  • Lyssinium 30c immediately following the vaccination, bring your prepared remedy with you to your veterinary appointment. Timing of this remedy is crucial. This remedy can be purchased at

  • Thuja 200c 12 hours post vaccine

The list of rabies vaccinosis symptoms is long; some of the more common reactions include: restlessness, distractibility, being destructive, skin problems, allergies, reverse sneezing, leg tremors, aggression, anxiety, fear of thunder/fireworks/loud noises and fear or obsession of water. Should your dog develop symptoms following a vaccine (even if it is many months later) – you may want to consider a Homeopathy Consult.

All content in this blog post is copyright protected and is not a substitution for veterinary or medical care.

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