Homeopathic Remedies: Preparation & Administration for Animals & Yourself

If you’ve worked with me before you may have 5,392 sets of instructions sitting in your “Jess Suggests” folder. I thought it could be helpful to have an updated resource available that you can refer to any time you need it. And if you’d like to learn more about how to use homeopathy for common maladies, be sure to check out my article “The Nuts & Bolts of Homeopathy for Dogs” (March/April issue of the Australian Shepherd Journal). Jump on over to the THB in Print page, you’ll find it here.

Be well!


How to Prepare a Homeopathic Remedy

Add 4oz of distilled or spring water to a sterilized glass jar with a tight cover. You can sterilize the jar and cover by boiling for 15 minutes. Always allow the jar to fully cool before preparing the remedy.

Add the dry pellets from the remedy vial to the jar without touching the pellets. Touching the pellets can neutralize the remedy.

• Cats/Small dogs 2-3 pellets

• Medium dogs 3-4 pellets

• People/Large dogs/Horses 4-6 pellets

Add 1/4 tsp of clear vodka to stabilize the remedy. If you do not plan to store the prepared remedy or are uncomfortable using the vodka you may omit it. This will mean that your remedy will not stay as fresh for as long, and you will need to make fresh batches. No, raspberry flavored vodka is not allowed.

Label with remedy name and potency. This is especially important when treating multiple people and animals – I know my apothecary cupboard can get overwhelming and a label maker is my BFF.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place. I place mine in a cupboard.

Prepared remedies may last up to 1 month if stored in optimal conditions. When clouding starts to form, it is time to prepare a fresh mixture.

Store vials with dry pellets at room temperature out of the way of direct sunlight. In the past I recommended storing in the refrigerator, it worked for me when I lived in Puerto Rico where basically everything wanted (I mean needed) to live was in the refrigerator – however, the theory that the electromagnetic field can alter an energy based medicine resonates with me. So while some homeopaths do recommend storing prepared remedies in the fridge, and it’s probably OK – I now keep mine in the cupboard.

*You will use only one remedy per jar. Do not combine remedies in the same jar.

EMERGENCY situation: Crush pellets between two plastic spoons or paper plates for animals, people may take 2-3 dry pellets under the tongue and allow to dissolve.

Giving Your Animal a Remedy

Give remedy 1 hour apart from food and ½ hour apart from water.

Apply remedy to your pet’s gums, go slowly allowing the remedy to linger on the gums for as long as possible. Do not add to food, water, or pour down your pet’s throat.

Do not shake the bottle before giving the remedy, instead you will succuss the bottle 5X before each dose by smacking the bottom of the jar against the palm of your hand.

  • Cats & Toy breeds – ¼ - ½ tsp (you don’t want them to gag, so use your judgement)

  • Small dogs – ½ - 1 tsp (depending on how much they spit out)

  • Medium/Large dogs & Horses – 1 tsp

EMERGENCY situation: Apply crushed powder to your pet’s gums without touching the powder if possible

Taking a Remedy Yourself

Take remedy 1 hour apart from food and ½ hour apart from water.

30 minutes prior to taking the remedy brush your mouth with mint/cinnamon free toothpaste and rinse well with water.

Take 1 tsp under the sublingual and hold as long as possible before swallowing.

Avoid caffeine and chocolate as they may neutralize the remedy (please don’t hate me).

EMERGENCY situations: Take 2-3 pellets under the tongue and allow to dissolve.

All content in this blog post is copyright protected and is not a substitution for veterinary or medical care.

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