Spiritual Coaching, Education & Mentoring

Spiritual Coaching, Education & Mentoring explained

Jessica specializes in helping people live a spiritual life in this modern world.  As a Certified Life Coach her default mode is to always listen to her intuition and to include spiritual practices and philosophies in her work.  She is equally as successful at applying reasoning and strategy in all her sessions. Spiritual Coaching, Education and Mentoring though similar, do differ in some ways.  Depending on your goals it may be necessary to combine two or all three techniques in a single session.  Here is how they differ:

  • Coaching typically has a shorter overall duration (number of sessions) than mentoring, coaching is to work through or with a targeted task/issue in mind - it is more specific, and Jessica assists you by asking powerful questions and helping you to find the answers from within

  • Mentoring can be more involved, and rather than all the answers coming from you, as your mentor Jessica will share her own experiences and knowledge to help guide you while still encouraging you to find answers from within as well - this often tends to be a longer process, and can span for an undetermined length of time depending on one goals

  • Education based sessions focus on Jessica teaching you something specific - whether a philosophy or skill; some examples may include using healing crystals and gemstones, healing with plant based medicine, learning animal communication and more

  • Coaching will help you improve or make something better through action based tasks, mentoring will help you cultivate and develop something over time, and education sessions will help you learn something new or enhance something you already know

Spiritual Coaching, Mentoring & Education is not about religion.  Religious beliefs are very personal.  It would be unethical for Jessica to preach or try to convert you to a specific religion or spiritual belief.  She works with your own beliefs, encouraging you to expand your understanding, and to apply that knowledge and faith, to your own decision-making and actions.

What happens during a Spiritual Life Coaching, Mentoring & Education session

Your session will be a 1 hour consult on the phone.  With Jessica's help you will identify your goals and any obstacles that are in the way of you obtaining those goals.  Together you will find solutions to those obstacles while cultivating self-confidence and faith in yourself and why you will succeed.  Jessica will help you dig deep in each session and outline action steps for you to work on between sessions.  She will hold you accountable and make sure you live up to your potential.

In your session Jessica will be listening intently on what you say, and also what you don’t say.  She may access valuable information in the form of intuition, inklings, visualizations, and thoughts that may seem to come from “out of nowhere”. She is very skilled at reading “between the lines” and hearing both what you are sharing, and also what you may be holding back whether consciously or unconsciously.  She may sense a pattern or notice something amiss.  Often it is the hard questions, the ones you have to go deep to answer that bring about “ah ha” moments for you.  She does this all without judgment or opinion, only encouragement and support.

Jessica will give you “homework” and make suggestions which could be anything from book recommendations to holistic remedies and everything in between.  You will gain so much knowledge and wisdom that your spiritual tool box will be overflowing!  Below is her approach – she will help you every step of the way:

"You must have the desire to heal, grow, and evolve into the very best version of yourself. We have to want it for ourselves. We have to believe we are worthy of being loved, happy, successful, peaceful, and inspired.


Develop awareness by questioning your thoughts, emotions and perceptions.


Explore the gifts and talents that are within you. Share those gifts and talents with the world to create a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life.


Cultivate a spiritual practice. Anything that raises our higher vibrations (love, happiness, joy, inspiration, peace) - is a spiritual practice.


Allow. We become an open channel for the universe when we give up all the things that are no longer serving us; negative thoughts, emotions (anger, greed, hate, resentment etc.), perceptions, and actions.  When we create space within by giving up what no longer serves us - we allow the universe to fill that void with guidance, love, wisdom, and peace.


Be grateful and give thanks. Whether it is to God, the universe, the angels, nature - give thanks, express gratitude and count your blessings every single day."

~ Jess

Scheduling an appointment

After reviewing the Appointments page, please contact Jessica to schedule theholisticbeing2@gmail.com

I contacted Jessica after reading an article in Dogs In Review about her work with show dogs. She started working with my dog Ch. D's Remember When ("Jackson") and it seemed like before I could blink, Jess was not only working with Jackson but with myself as well. We were on a spiritual journey that made our hearts soar. She never pushes you and has a very soft subtle way about her. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." This is what Jess has taught me. She has brought me to a spiritual place with complete and total inner peace. With her wisdom, compassion and guidance I continue to grow and go deeper spiritually. Jess has given me the tools to deal with whatever curve balls life throws at me, and there have been many. Jess continues to amaze me. I can't even imagine going back to life before my work with Jess. Her incredible ability to unlock the knowledge within You is unprecedented. I am forever grateful, My Friend. Love and Light Always.

Gwen DeMilta

2014 AKC Breeder of the Year, with "Luca"