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An Unbridled Passion


or me, the spiritual connection between animals, humans, and the universe has always held a limitless power. With ardent curiosity I have sought to elevate my own understanding of this phenomenon, and over time I’ve cultivated a unique approach for sharing this passion with others. 

In 2006 my professional career as an animal communicator, light worker, speaker, and writer had begun. I had recently relocated to a tropical island in the Caribbean with a desire to expand my repertoire of holistic and spiritual studies. Daily, I sat myself down in the white sand with the turquoise sea sprawled out before me as though the universe was welcoming me with open arms. Surrounded by healing crystals, and notebook in hand—I meditated, I prayed, and I wrote. 


Universal guidance and wisdom came pouring in, and as clarity was achieved, inspiration was abundant. From the first moment I made this connection my work began evolving into something even greater than I could have ever imagined. An act that was unequivocally fostered by a higher power. It was transcending and influenced positive shifts for animals and people all across the globe. To my family and closest friends this unconventional life path involving animals and spirituality did not come as a complete surprise.

Growing up, I had a communion with every animal that crossed my path. I can’t even count the number of critters I brought home, once even going so far as trying to convince my parents someone had left a kitten in our mailbox. In high school I was already immersed in the concept of healing with energy. By the time I reached adulthood I took my equestrian aspirations to the next level and began training and instructing, spending time in Europe to further my schooling. Soon thereafter I was bitten by the “show bug”, and my time breeding, showing, and trialing Australian Shepherds began. This combined with my position as a veterinary technician more than ensured a lifetime full of the animal energy I so adored.  

But somewhere in this mix something life altering occurred. A veterinarian had quietly picked up on my ability to communicate with animals, and for animals to communicate with me in return. I was able to provide him with feedback based on what the animals were sharing with me. With his own patients as evidence, he urged me to do something special with my skills. Already a student of “all things animals, holistic, and spiritual” —I took his advice, and here I am.

So what does this all mean?  What do I do exactly?

Here’s the nutshell version: Through animal communication, energy-based healing, spiritual guidance, and a variety of holistic applications I am committed to helping animals and people create connection. Connection with one another, connection with the universe, and connection with their true self. Each journey is unique unto the individual, however, the foundation for true health of mind, body and spirit for all beings remains the same, and that is where I hope I can help.

In love & light,



2008 was one of the most incredible years of my life.  My Giant Schnauzer "Spirit" and I traveled all over the States competing in AKC Dog Shows and achieving the title of Number 1 AKC All-Breed Dog in the country.  This was not only exciting but very hard for the both of us.  We could never have done it without the help and healing of Jessica Montañez.  Not only did she keep me on the right spiritual track, she was in constant contact with Spirit.  Even though Spirit was born a show dog, she needed fine tuning all the time.  I could sense things that would upset her and Jess would help me work through them.  The team effort that Jess produced was amazing and will always be a gift that I will remember.  She has helped with the next dog that I am showing as well and I will keep in close contact from now on for any forks in the road that come up.


Bless you Jess!


Taffe McFadden & Champion Galilee's Pure of Spirit,

the top winning Giant Schnauzer of all time.

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