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The Light

somewhere deep inside of me I knew this all to be true, almost as though I was being reminded of something rather than learning about it for the first time. I honestly remember every detail about this experience as though it happened only yesterday.

The article was about a nurse in Europe who was using something called Reiki to help heal hospitalized patients. This was in 1996 and where I grew up in central Maine Reiki wasn’t a hot topic – I certainly had never heard of it, and I thought I was rather evolved for a teenager at the time. I mean, I had an animal communicator who spoke with my horse regularly, and yet this was all new to me. I read that article with fervor and promptly went to a book store where I found the “new age” section.  A stack of books with topics ranging from healing crystals to straight up quantum physics filled my arms and I was off and running on a journey to learn everything I could about healing with energy - and I haven’t stopped since. 

As I expanded my knowledge I noticed some recurring themes no matter which philosophy I was studying - these included: a body in balance and free of blockages has incredible self-healing abilities, emotional imbalance is at the root of all dis-ease, and every living, breathing thing holds unlimited potential when mind, body and spirit is in alignment.

For over sixteen years my work has been helping animals and people become the very best versions of themselves by addressing the energetic and spiritual needs of the mind, body and spirit.

Exactly what I do is unique; a system I have created taking bits and pieces from everything I have learned, researched and studied, as well as authentic techniques that have manifested by way of my own spiritual connection as a student of the universe. There is one thing I can assure you of, there is no one who does exactly what I do. That’s not to say my work is for everyone, it takes a leap of faith to believe in something we cannot see.  But for those it resonates with, it can be life changing. This is true for both animals and people.

I consider it a tremendous honor to be a part of someone’s journey. When I receive an update that a once feral cat is now spending his days curled up on his person’s lap, or a show dog has overcome the fear inducing hormonal imbalance that had been plaguing her, and when someone tells me that for the first time in their life they are experiencing true self-love - the gratitude and love I feel is immeasurable.


Marianne Williamson tells us to think of the universe as a house that is wired for electricity. We are the lamps inside that house. In order for our light to turn on, we have to be plugged into the house. It is not the lamp that makes the light, the lamp is merely a channel that allows the electricity to flow through it and that is how the light comes on.

Now close your eyes and imagine the possibilities if your dog, cat, horse, and even yourself was plugged into that electricity. This is what energy based healing can provide. And when you experience this for yourself and your animal partner, you too will believe even in the things you cannot see.

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I contacted Jessica after reading an article in Dogs In Review about her work with show dogs. She started working with my dog Ch. D's Remember When ("Jackson") and it seemed like before I could blink, Jess was not only working with Jackson but with myself as well. We were on a spiritual journey that made our hearts soar. She never pushes you and has a very soft subtle way about her. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." This is what Jess has taught me. She has brought me to a spiritual place with complete and total inner peace. With her wisdom, compassion and guidance I continue to grow and go deeper spiritually. Jess has given me the tools to deal with whatever curve balls life throws at me, and there have been many. Jess continues to amaze me. I can't even imagine going back to life before my work with Jess. Her incredible ability to unlock the knowledge within You is unprecedented. I am forever grateful, My Friend. Love and Light Always.

Gwen DeMilta

2014 AKC Breeder of the Year, with "Luca"


hen I was in high school my study hall teacher offered a handout one day. She said it was something interesting to help us pass the time—one paragraph in and a comforting feeling came over me. You know that feeling we sometimes refer to as “a feeling of coming home”. That’s what it felt like to me,

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