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More Than Words


e are all born with the capacity to communicate with animals.

Yes, that includes you.

But as we grow and learn to speak with words, we no longer rely on our innate nature to connect nonverbally, or rather—telepathically.


As an animal communicator my ultimate goal is to enhance the overall connection, bond and relationship between animals and people. I accomplish this by relaying thoughts, questions, and other important information, and by facilitating a deeper understanding of the higher purpose for the relationship. 

I whole-heartedly believe animals and humans were created to live in spiritual connection with one another and every animal comes into our lives for a reason.

Here are some of the ways animal communication can help...

  • Sharing thoughts, questions, concerns and other important messages

  • Enhancing the effective communication between you

  • Gaining insight into behaviors, temperament, fears, phobias, likes and dislikes

  • Evaluating the physical, mental, and spiritual health

  • Improving the bond and working relationship between handlers, trainers, and animals

  • Assist with breeding, whelping, rearing, and puppy placement

  • Understanding and managing pack and herd dynamics

  • Preparing for life’s changes—moving, the birth of a child, adding a new pet

  • Support before, during and after passing

When scheduling an animal communication session I will have a questionnaire for you to complete and I will need current photos. Depending on what led you to me and your goals for the session, energy based healing may be recommended.


With an open heart I look forward to helping you and your animal companion walk side by side in this journey called life.


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I reached out to Jessica about 10 years ago, after purchasing a young show dog who did not have a clue how to act, and had no strong connection to any human. He was a challenge, ended up succeeding, and taking up a large portion of my heart. Then about three years ago, I was without a dog, was searching on Petfinder, and knew at first glance that Louis would be my next dog.  A 9-10 year old rescue Border Collie, who had been living feral for over a year after he was abandoned on a small farm when his owner died. I called Jessica and so began the most incredible healing journey of my life. I knew in the beginning that this was not just about Louis, and I initially coined this episode of my life, “Lessons from Louis” which evolved into “Lessons from Louis and Jessica” when I moved into asking her to be my coach as well. We have worked together for 3 years and I really do not feel like the same person I was back then, full of sadness, worry, guilt, and lack of self esteem, that I had hidden for so many years behind a façade of I can handle anything.  Today, I am happy and maintain an overall positive attitude toward life and myself.  Now playing tennis 4 times a week, have just started spinning classes, and my business is doing very well. I am 70 years old, and feeling like this is the best year of my life so far, seeing so many possibilities for the future and feeling very grateful.  Thank you Jessica for helping us to change our lives.  

Love, Gail & Louis

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