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Authentic Support for Your Journey

feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, powerless, and in the direst of circumstances we can even lose hope.  As a certified spiritual life coach I want to be that sounding board for you, I want to help you with whatever it may be that you are personally navigating so you can live a life full of connectedness, inner peace, love, joy, and success.

My approach to coaching is in alignment with everything I do whether it’s energy-based healing or homeopathy, I feel that everything connected. Life is a complex design of layers that is all connected in some way, and we must take the entire being into consideration when formulating a plan for growth and enlightenment. Compartmentalization can only take you so far, at some point the recurring themes that show up in different areas of your life will need to be addressed in order to accomplish your goals regardless of whether those goals are health, relationship, career, or spiritually driven.

Some people prefer to approach their through energy based healing and the spiritual mentoring I provide in those sessions.  They prefer being able to read through their report and reflect on their session at their own pace.  Then there are others who truly flourish from having that one-on-one phone time where we can hear one another’s voices and there is instant feedback.  Another option is a hybrid plan, rotating between the types of sessions. If you’re ready to get started but unsure which type of session would benefit you the most, reach out, introduce yourself and tell me a little bit more about your situation and goals.  Together we can design your personalized plan.

As cliché as it may sound life IS precious and each day IS a blessing. I encourage you to do everything in your power to live a life full of meaning and purpose, a life that you love. I look forward to helping you on that journey.


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e all have the desire and deserve to feel heard, supported, and understood. It’s healthful to seek out an unbiased sounding board, to express our inner most thoughts, feelings, and even fears, but often we resist, accepting inner chaos as our norm, allowing it to ruminate. Inevitably this can leave us

I must admit that, when I first met Jessica, I was both struck by her spirituality and beauty and confounded by the fact that this very remarkable woman was dedicating her life to a practice which, well, frankly, I did not believe would make much of a difference. But, after facing frustration with the limited results counselors provided during very difficult family times, I decided to turn to Jessica more than anything as a last resort.

Well, was I in for a surprise! Jessica touched our lives in ways no other person has. She has been instrumental in the wellbeing of my family and is since the go-to-person in case of need. She demonstrated an unparalleled capacity to guide us to our spiritual healing both individually and collectively. Jessica was able to effectively identify those issues and beliefs that lied within our very core which bound us to unhealthy habitual patterns and suffering. She assisted us in reinterpreting these beliefs and unleashing the love our hearts yearned to express, in amazingly very little time. To top it all, she sowed seeds which germinated long after her work was done, motivating further progress and healing. Our lives have definitively changed for the good since. Jess, we are eternally grateful for your help and for the great source of inspiration, love and respect you are!

Gretchen Mendez, PR

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